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The Income Tax Department has started a new facility to link Aadhaar card with PAN card. The Income Tax Department has given a special link to it on its website. By clicking on this link, you can link to the page number and the base card. Let us state that, according to the new tax laws, it is necessary to link the Aadhar number and PAN number to file an ITR.

What are the essential instructions for linking?
To link the base card to the PAN number, first write the base number, your name written in support (same spelling if written in the base card), date of birth and gender in a paper. Apart from that you will also need a PAN card number.
It is very easy to associate a base card with a PAN number. Go to the Income Tax website at Here you will see a new link on the home page, where the link base will appear in English. You can take all necessary instructions and click on this link. Clicking on it will open a new page. You must write a page number in this page. After that you will have to type your name in the next box, in the meantime you have to be careful that you type spelling of your name in this box which is written on your base card. After that UIDAI examines these instructions, your support is linked to the PAN card as soon as this verification is complete.
If the name is missmatch
If the birth date and gender given by you match with the income tax department data, but the name does not match. Aadhaar OTP support will need one-time password. Aadhaar OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can complete the linking process by placing OTIP. Let me tell you, the government has now made the base number compulsory for taking PAN card. UIDAI issues support number When the 10 digit page number is issued by the Income Tax Department. Both are indispensable for governmental works of the document.

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