How To Get Your Blog Blog Indexed Fast

Tipsalert the following will discuss about how to get your blog quickly indexed Google or how to post fast blog indexed / indexed Google. Surely all friends Blogs are hoping that articles on his blog quickly indexed Google. Without the index, your blog will be lonely visitors and look dead even though you write fresh and quality content. 
How To Get Your Blog Articles Fast Indexed

We as the owner of the web / blog should continue to try to blog that we are increasingly popular, the more popular blogs we have, the visitor traffic will increase. Indexed by search engines like google is a very important thing for the progress and development of our blog / website and of course very encouraging. These tips must have been often read out there, but maybe there are among you who do not know. 
  • 1. Submit Sitemap
Until now, sitemap is very helpful to make updated articles from blogs indexed very quickly. But there are some things we need to do so this sitemap can help search engines indexing our latest articles. One way is to provide our blog sitemap to Webmaster Tools search engine. This sitemap contains links to your site pages. by submitting a sitemap, Google will quickly recognize the links that must be indexed from the blog page. 
  • 2. Social Bookmarking
Visitors can come from anywhere, maybe visitors find your blog pages from social media like Facebook, twitter and others. Social media can also bring thousands of visitors to your blog. You can also share your content on these social sites. Social media is an effective sharing place that you can use to promote your new articles. 
  • 3. Internal Link
You can create a link from the old page to the page you just created. For example, links from pages that have been indexed to the page just posted. You can take advantage of the pages on your blog the most or frequently visited, take advantage of the page to promote new articles you publish, for example by putting a link to your new article, please siasati for the contents of the old article relevant or still in touch with articles new.
  • 4. Content Updates
Frequently update and update your articles. Make sure you update your site or blog regularly with fresh content, new content is important to get your pages indexed faster. 
  • 5. Articles
Visitors will find your blog page one of them sourced from search engines, they find your blog from search, the keywords they use for search will be tailored to the title of the article, therefore you should do as good as possible optimization of your articles for example by creating a targeted article title have great people search opportunities (keywords). Make sure you also present the contents of quality articles for your visitors. 
  • 6. Ping Blog
Pinging is one of the most useful SEO optimizations to speed up the content index process by search engines. Ping website / blog is usually done to notify the 'bot' that there is an article just published. You should not do ping too often, because your blog is potentially considered spam blog.