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Gujarat Sarkare Magafali na Teka na Bhav jaher karya

A more informed decision of the state government
Purchase of groundnut support from 15th of November in the state at the support price
Will be inaugurated: Agriculture Minister RC Faldu and Food, Minister of Civil Supplies Shri Jayeshbhai Radadiya

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• Potential of 26.95 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut production in the state
• On-line registration will be made for purchase at the support price from November 1, 2018: will be registered throughout the month
• Groundnut procurement will be made at a price of Rs.5000 per quintal: State Government will give an additional bonus of Rs.110 to farmers against 4890 rupees per quintal
• Along with Nafed, the Food Civil Supplies Corporation will be purchased as a nodal agency
• CCTV cameras will be available for purchase in full transparency
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Agriculture Minister RC Faldu and Food Minister Shri Jayeshbhai Radadiya said that the country's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has decided to double the income of farmers till 2022. According to which, the purchase of crop at the support price is also done for the farmers to get reasonable prices of the crop, as part of which is expected to produce about 26.92 lakh metric tonnes of groundnut in Gujarat, the purchase of this groundnut support will be started from 15th November 2018 on 122 centers in the state. The purchase process will be conducted.
Ministers said that Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel have organized a special time focusing specifically on the purchase of groundnut farmers of the state for transparency at the cost of support. Along with Nafed of the Central Government, the Food Civil Supplies Corporation will be purchased as a nodal agency. The Government of India has declared the support price for groundnut upto Rs.4890 per quintal and the state government has declared Rs.110 per quintal bonus. The purchase price of peanut will be purchased by the Government of India from farmers Rs. 4890 per quintal plus a total of Rs.110 per quintal state government bonus including Rs.5000 per quintal. Government of India's umbrella scheme, under the scheme of support for the PM-Asha, will purchase state government's Nodal agency, Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation on behalf of Nafed, on the basis of support from the farmers of the state.
They added that they will be registered online for farmers for purchase at support price from 01/11/2018 to 30/11/2018. Farmers can be registered at the purchase centers and at village level at the E-village center. If the farmers are not enrolled in registration 7-12, 8-a copy, in the form no. 12 in case of crop sowing, then the case with the signature of the Talati on crop sowing will be given to the base card copy / basis registration number and proof of bank account details including IFSC. Passbook copy or canceled check must be submitted. Based on the number of registered farmers on the portal 7/12 or in the certificates of talati, the cultivation of groundnut and land holders will be decided on basis of the quality of groundnut (FAQ) groundnut depending on the average productivity of the state.

 He said that the State Government will start the purchase of groundnut from 122 procurement centers by the Gujarat State Civil Supplies Corporation. All the shopping centers will be started at APMC. During the purchase process, the facility of CCTV cameras will be held at the Purchase Center and its footage will be stored. Video recording process will be recorded every day at the Purchase Center. For every day surveillance at the purchasing center, the squad will be constituted under the leadership of Deputy Collector Collector of Class-I and will be reviewed at the center of the purchase center.
It is to be mentioned here that the total area under groundnut area is cultivated in 14.68 lakh hectare which is expected to be 26.95 lakh metric tonnes. Thus, the average production capacity of hectare is estimated at 1836 kilo. Farmers are expected to get affordable prices by purchasing at the price of groundnut support. In the purchase center, more than 1750 kg of groundnut will be purchased in one day and farmers will be purchased at a maximum price of 2 hectare per millimeter. .


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