Demand for promotions with salaries of salaries increased: Nitin Patel

Approximately 50 percent of the demands, including the main demands of cooperative co-operatives, have been solved after their strike for unity trips held on the occasion of the unveiling of the Statue of Unity in the entire state. State Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel today announced that every Talati would be given equal pay and promotion as equal pay per employee of his cadre. In addition, in all the rural areas of the state, Panchayat and Revenue Talati will be appointed for sezage.

Demand for promotions with salaries of salaries increased: Nitin Patel

In the state of Gujarat in the third week of October, the policemen from across the state were on strike to solve their cost problems. In connection with the unveiling of the Statue of Unity on October 31, unity tours were organized by the state government from October 20. At that time, the administration of the panchayat was stalled in the villages, and this was achieved by the administration of the Talati. In which the Talati forced the state government to interact with the Talati, making their fight fierce. At that time, after the call of the Statue of Unity, on November 2, a meeting was held by the Talatans after their strike.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, panchayat minister Jaydrathsinh Parmar and other relevant officials were present in the meeting held in the state meeting with the Talati issue today. After this, Nitin Patel, while announcing the press conference, said 50 percent of the demands including the demands of the Talati have been resolved. He said that the matter has been received in consultation with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, who has gone to the Cabinet today. According to the main demand, all the Talati in the state will be given the same pay scale as other employees having their equivalent. With this, they will be promoted on the same basis. According to the demand of Talati Council for this, the state government has decided to remove 4,5 and 6 conditions from the circular in 2017.

Nitin Patel said that Talati will be appointed for the work of Panchayat and Revenue per seja in every rural areas of the state. Due to this, the poor and the middle class people of the village will not have difficulty working for instance. Till the demands are resolved, the State Government has given a letter to the Talati Mahamandal that the government has been assured full duty with full capacity.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Bhai Patel addressed the press conference on the demand for a strike demanded by state-run trolls. In which he said, "After the meeting with the employee, we discussed with Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani about solving the problems of Talati.

They also tell about the injustice being done to the Talati. The Chief Minister expressed his feelings that more than 12,000 Talati would get enough pay scale. Apart from this, apart from announcing the appointment of one Talati per village, class 4 employees were announced in the bonus system.

On the issue of the Talati issue, Patel said in a press conference that he had discussed with the CM about solving the problems, he also held a meeting with the staff of the staff. Talati would be benefited from the higher pay grade and promotions. There were 3 terms of the previous circular, expressing the feeling that the payers would receive the pay scale.

There was also a presentation to benefit from upper pay grade and promotion. 3 After the study of the conditions have decided to cancel today. Canceled the previously held 3 conditions as requested. There was talk with Chief Minister yesterday. Other employees will receive the equivalent pay scale. The letter was sent to the Talati Association and the strike was declared in full.

Eso The government has decided to complete the strike. There is currently no opposition to the other demands. There is a demand for a Talati appointed for each Talati per village. Bonus system for employees of class 4 from State Government Class-4 employees will be given a bonus of Rs.30000. Employees working in Panchayat Government and Granted organization will also benefit. The government will have a burden of Rs 15 crores. "


Source Daily hunt news report

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