Loksabha Election In Gujarat Date 23-4-2019 Holiday Declare

Loksabha Election In Gujarat Date 23-4-2019 Holiday Declare

Election Holiday Declarations 23-04-2019.

(From left) Harpreet Saluja, FITE general secretary Maharashtra; Pavanjit Mane, FITE president Maharashtra and Nikhil Walke, assistant labour commissioner. (HT PHOTO)

Loksabha Election In Gujarat Date 23-4-2019 Holiday Declare

Scores of IT (information technology)  professionals, working in Pune’s Hinjewadi IT park, are in a fix over how to exercise their right to vote.

Many employers are violating the legal provision and have denied employees a paid holiday on election day. As a result the Forum of IT Employees (FITE) has approached Nikhil Walke, labour commissioner Pune, to intervene in the matter.

In a memorandum submitted to Walke on April 5, FITE stated that many IT companies are not allowing employees to take paid leave and exercise their constitutional right. FITE demanded that companies should take the decision to close operations on the day of election and immediately issue circular regarding the same.

FITE also stated that as per section 135 B of the Representation of the People Act, every person employed in any business, trade, industrial undertaking or any other establishment is entitled to vote at an election to the house of the people or the legislative assembly of the state and no wages should be deducted of any such person for granting this holiday. If any employer contravenes the provisions given in this section then such employer shall be punishable with fine.

FITE has also submitted a list of IT companies in Pune who are denying employees paid leave. Pavanjith Mane, president, FITE Maharashtra said, “We have received a lot of complaints from IT employees in the past four days and hence, we have written to the labour commissioner.”



Elavarasan Raja, general secretary, FITE Maharashtra, said, “The issue is not only in Pune. We have received complaints from IT employees in Maharashtra, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. It is the responsibility of employers to let employees exercise their right to vote.”