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About Fix Pay News By GSTV Gujarati

About Fix Pay News By GSTV Gujarati

Nearly three and a half lakh employees in Bihar were shocked by the Supreme Court's decision. The Supreme Court has given great relief to the Bihar government. On Friday, teachers refused to pay equal pay for similar work. With this, the Supreme Court withdrew the Patna High Court's decision. With the Supreme Court's decision, 3.5 lakh employees in Bihar have been caught in a big shock.

It was as if millions of teachers were looking at Delhi's judgment. Many leaders of Bihar's proficient teachers are camping in Delhi. It is to be mentioned that in the larger decision with the teachers, the bench of Justice Abhaya Manohar Sapre and Justice Uday Umit Lalit had last heard the last hearing on October 3. After which the decision was kept safe.


After seven months, this decision will have a direct impact on Bihar's four million teachers and their families. The salary of teachers who have been employed in Bihar is currently 22 to 25 thousand and if the court decision comes in favor of the teachers, their pay will be Rs 35-40 thousand rupees.

In this fight of teachers, the country's legendary lawyers are also in their favor. In 2009, the Bihar Secondary Teachers Association demanded equal pay for Bihar's proficient teachers in the Patna High Court. That is why the fight is 10 years old.
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