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Quarterly evaluation of children in grades 1 and 2 in primary schools will be done

Quarterly evaluation of children in grades 1 and 2 in primary schools will be done

The government has become firm on the issue of quantitative education in the state as well as the quarterly evaluation of the children of standard-1 and standard-2 to eliminate fear of child-test.

According to information received from the sources, the state government has decided to conduct quarterly evaluation of children of Class I and II. A clear opinion has been obtained on adopting this new approach in the education department's Manthath. Through which the fear of examination will be removed from the children resulting in the quality of quality education will be easy as well. And for this, a serious consideration has been initiated by the education department. And there is a possibility that there will be a formal declaration in this regard during the budget session.

It is worth noting that the unit test was decided for quality education in standard 3 to 8. After that, the government is considering the idea of ​​organizing a three-month examination in standard 1 and standard 2 as per the old practice. And for this, the department has been consulted by the Department of Education as well as education experts as well as special churning.

According to the details received in the first month of standard 1, in the first month of the adoption of free education, after making the school readily available. The suggestion that the government should move forward in explaining the value of the examination to the child was done by the education department and education experts. However, after successful experiment of the unit test, the government has also recommended the central government and NCRT to postpone implementation of the examination with the conduct of annual examination in class 3 and 5. The government has become committed to focus on unaided education in standard-1. In addition to that, the numeric agreement will be given priority, especially with Koch Barakhadi. With the identification of the alphabet of Koch Barakadi, the child will also be recognized with the words and if all these things are done in a quarterly evaluation then the foundation of the child can be strengthened. So in the study of the child, the child will not be weak, because of this quarterly evaluation, the child will be prepared for the study himself and the fear of the examination will be overcome. According to sources, the Education Department has decided to go ahead with a clear opinion that the state government could achieve the expected results in the direction of quality education.


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