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Nishtha Training Module 13 TO 18

 Nishtha Training Module 13 TO 18

Nishta: National initiative for holistic progress of school heads and teachers

Nishta is a capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It also aims to build skills between all teachers and school principals at an early stage. Activists (at state, district, block, cluster level) will be trained seamlessly on education outcomes, school based assessment, learner-centered pedagogy, new education initiatives, addressing various needs of children through multiple pedagogies, etc.

 Major changes in the new education policy 2020: -

All children will move towards inclusive education, which includes addressing the diversity present in the classroom.

We will keep an attitude towards learner-centric pedagogy so that every student excels in their life.

The final marks obtained will receive less attention, now they will be evaluated throughout the year according to the skills they have learned.

Paying proper attention to the disabled, appropriate resources will be made available to them.

Teaching techniques will be changed and teachers across the country will be trained to give students a skilled education.

Implementation of loyalty scheme 2020: -

The training campaign will run in three phases and if the teacher wishes, he will be able to get information through the mobile app.

The training campaign will mainly focus on language, mathematics and social science.

Online training of teachers will be monitored.

Attendance will also be examined during training.

Counseling will be given in case of any problem.

Special focus training will be given to understand the problems of students.

At present, there are about 90 lakh teachers in all government schools across the country. In the first phase of Nishtha Yojana, the Modi government will train 42 lakh teachers teaching students from first to eighth grade, after which the second phase will start.

Loyalty training time table

 As you all teachers are aware that all of you are being trained through the initiation app, 18 trainings under CM RISE have expired, you will have received the self-declaration letter through your WhatsApp. In today's article, we are going to give you information about loyalty training, so read it carefully and avoid the hassle of training.

Loyalty training has started from October 16, 2020. Loyalty training has a total of 18 Modules which you have to complete in the given time period. The first three Module have to be completed within the time period of 16 October to 30 October. I am going to tell you everything, so you have remained with us, I am Vineet Raj Singh and you are right now in your blog

The information about all the modules of loyalty training is given below, if you can save this image, then you will be able to complete the training easily. The training link of all MODULES and the link of the training quiz and video is given in the post through which you have to complete the training. And by clicking in the quiz link, you can get answer information so that you can get 10 out of 10 numbers.

The plan is to form National Resource Groups (NRGs) and State Resource Groups (SRGs) at the national and state levels, which will then train 42 lakh teachers. A strong portal / management information system (MIS) has been used for the delivery of training, monitoring and support mechanisms since this capacity building initiative. In view of the COVID-19 epidemic situation, it is now planned to train SRGs and teachers in SR online mode. The first online training for Andhra Pradesh SRG will be launched on July 16, 2020.

The main expected results from Nishtha are:

  • Improving students' learning outcomes.
  • Enabling and enriching an equivalent classroom environment
  • Teachers as first level counselors become aware and responsive to the social, emotional and psychological needs of the students.
  • Teachers are trained to use art as a pedagogy, leading to creativity and innovation in students.
  • Teachers are trained to develop and strengthen the personal-social qualities of students for their holistic development.
  • Creating a healthy and safe school environment.
  • Integration of ICT in teaching and assessment.
  • The training focused on developing open school based assessments, developing learning skills.

The Department of School Education and Literacy has launched a national mission to improve the outcomes of education at the primary level through an integrated teacher training program called Nisha under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Samagra Shiksha.

Nishta is a capacity building program for "Improving the Quality of School Education through Integrated Teacher Training". It also aims to build skills between all teachers and school principals at an early stage. Nishta is the largest teacher training program of its kind in the world. The main objective of this comprehensive training program is to encourage and equip teachers to encourage and encourage critical thinking in students. This initiative is the first of its kind in which nationally certified training modules have been developed for all the States and Union Territories.






Capacity building of 4.2 million teachers

Integrated training of principals/heads as the main educational support

Focus on teaching education based on aptitude and high-order thinking skills

Training all heads and teachers as first class advisors

Promoting practical and enjoyable learning

Awareness about Centrally Sponsored Schemes / Initiatives

Monitoring Online monitoring and support system

Integration of multi-departmental efforts

Activity-based training modules


🤳 *MODULE - 16* : GJ_પૂર્વ વ્યાવસાયિક શિક્ષણ (NISHTHA)


 🤳 *MODULE - 17* : GJ_કોવિડ-૧૯ના પરિપ્રેક્ષ્યમાં: શાળા શિક્ષણમાં પડકારો (NISHTHA) 


🤳 *MODULE - 18* : GJ_POCSO અધિનિયમ - 2012 (NISHTHA)



Module 16 Learning Objectives

  • Module 16: The Relevance of Gender Dimensions in the Teaching and Learning Process
  • Learning Objectives
  • The module will help -
  • Identify existing gender biased behavior and attitudes between teachers and students
  • Developing gender sensitive educational processes in various subject transactions
  • Use and adopt learning activities that promote gender sensitive classroom environments

Module 17 Learning Objectives

  • Module 17: Initiatives in School Education
  • Learning Objectives
  • After going through this module, the learner will be able to -
  • Get awareness about the recent efforts made for schooling like PGI, UDISE + etc. for implementation in schools.
  • Understanding the objectives and provisions of intercourse education to improve the quality of school education.
  • Take initiative in schools regarding reading habits to provide opportunities for experiential learning to children and use library books for joyful learning and activities related to sports, kitchen gardens, youth and eco clubs etc.

Module 18 Learning Objectives

  • Module 18: Workshop Schedule and Session Design

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